Established over a decade ago, GA Designs offers museum-quality, innovative, authentic and digitally enhanced professional arts and crafts projects as well as framing, displaying and hanging services. Through technologically advanced hardware, GA handles all phases of a project, from an idea to its final execution, effectively and smoothly. Since its inception, GA Designs has served reputable clients from various organizations including Corporations, Galleries, Exhibitions, Hotel Industry as well as Private Clients.

GA Design team has taken many unique and conceptual approaches to its production and installations that planted the seeds for the company’s professional development services in the above-mentioned fields.


Edgar Degas once said :

“Painting is easy when you don’t know how, but very difficult when you do.”

We believe that producing quality art and then displaying is much more than just a few strokes of brushes and putting nails in the wall to hang it. It is an art in itself that has been around for hundreds of years. We call it “Our Art of Hanging Art”.

Equipped with state of the art production, framing and hanging hardware and paired with the most dedicated team of technically experienced professionals, we are able to handle huge projects with smooth execution and high excellence. We thoroughly understand the need of our clients and adopt creative measures to satisfy both ends. Our focus is always on delivering Best Quality products with Best Service. GA Design is strongly committed to offer its reputable clients with unique art ideas, hanging and displaying techniques, but with a modern twist that enhances the beauty of the art and gives them a high quality that is pleasing to the eye and soul.